4 Things I’ve Recently Done that Reminded Me How Hard It Is to Be a Toddler


  1. “Trying to complete a jigsaw puzzle 

    On a normal Friday night, after the kids go to bed, my husband and I will catch up on whatever shows we’ve DVR’d and enjoy some wine. In an ill-advised effort to mix it up (notice I didn’t say, “spice it up”), I bought a jigsaw puzzle of a beautiful Venetian landscape for us to complete together over our bottle(s) of red. 

    You know those moments when you’re doing an activity with your kids and you think to yourself, “How the hell are you still not getting this?” Well, if there are intelligent alien life forms out there watching over us, then they were definitely saying that about my husband and me that evening.” Click here to continue…

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12 Business World Phrases Repurposed for Life with Kids

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  1. Whoah, whoah, whoa. Did you just hit him? It’s time for a SWOT Analysis. Click here to see the rest!

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A Night Owl’s Guide to Raising an Early Bird

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I am not, nor will I ever be, a morning person, but children usually are. Mine are no exception, so this is how I cope.

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Quiz :: How Loud Is Your Kid?

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I gave birth to a loud talker, so I know a thing or two about noisy kids. How loud is your kid? Take the test to find out.

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National Whining and Tantrum Throwing Competition Kicks Off Today

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Not to brag, but if this were a real thing, my kids would sweep the competition. Which event would your kid medal in? 

Quiz :: What Your Laundry Style Says About You

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Are you a Laundry Perfectionist, Realist or Loafer? Take this just-for-fun quiz to find out what it says about you.