12 Business World Phrases Repurposed for Life with Kids

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  1. Whoah, whoah, whoa. Did you just hit him? It’s time for a SWOT Analysis. Click here to see the rest!

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Is a Returnship the Right Way for You to Get Back to Work?

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It can be challenging to get back into the paid workforce after taking an extended break. This article explores the rise of returnships to help transition stay-at-home-moms back into their careers, and I question whether these paid internships are actually more hurtful than helpful.

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How to Plan and Negotiate Your Maternity Leave Like a Boss

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It’s not easy to approach your company (or a company you hope to work for) with the needs of pregnancy. These tips can help.

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Mother Admits to Never Feeling Guilty, Children Removed From Home

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Poking fun at the never ending cycle of Mom Guilt

Parenting Tips for Kids of All Ages

Parenting advice is tricky. Sometimes you get a pearl of wisdom at just the moment you need it. Sometimes you get a lot of unwanted, inapplicable advice. Read here, if you’re in the market for some pearls that have been field tested by real parents. We cover getting pregnant all the way through parenting adult children.