This Simple Trick Will Get Your Kids to Brush Your Teeth

simple trick to get kids to brush teeth

If you’ve ever tried bribing a toddler just to get them to open their mouth to brush their teeth, then this one’s for you. I promise you; it’s a game changer.



Trend Alert :: Jellies Are Back, and Mox Made them Better Than Ever

Mox shoes close upI was lucky enough to get a pair of Mox shoes in exchange for writing about them for San Francisco Moms Blog. They’re glorious, and you can read all about them here. There’s a link to a discount code in the article, too, that’s valid until May 7, 2017.

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New Moms, Save Yourself Time – Stop Sterilizing Those Bottles

sterilize bottlesI’m a firm believer that everyone should eliminate unnecessary chores to make more room to do the stuff that really needs to be done and to have more time for rest and play. Sterilizing baby bottles is a waste of time, and I’m spreading the word here.

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Hey, Sticker Charts, Make Room for Kindness Chains


“My favorite part of the kindness chain is that my children’s individual actions contribute to one chain. They’re not in competition to see whose chain is longer. They’re seeing that their collective effort is important, what they do affects others, and they’re learning that good things happen (their chain grows) when they treat people well. Not every kid will be the smartest, the most athletic, popular or artistic, but they all can be kind.” Read more here.

How to Do Wine Country with Kids


My husband and I make the short drive from San Francisco to Sonoma County frequently to go wine tasting with our kids. Here are our tips to make it fun for all. Also included are two typical routes we take, which are equally (if not more) perfect when done without children in tow. The wine may just be for adults, but the experience is for everyone. Cheers!

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