Why I Don’t Make My Kids Do Chores

I’m using the same philosophy my grandmother used to raise her kids and my mom used to raise my brothers and me. I’m not going to make my kids responsible for a ton of chores around the house. My family is full of hard working, responsible and respectful adults and my kids will be, too, even without the chores. Here’s why. How do chores work in your family?

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The Load of Laundry That Broke Me

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It was one of those days, and I hit my breaking point. I’m sharing with you, so that you know it’s ok when you reach yours, too.

Quiz :: What Your Laundry Style Says About You

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Do Dads Really Have More Fun?

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In my house, my kids think my husband is more fun than I am, and I have a few theories about why this is. Read on to see if you can relate.