Recapping the Year

I haven’t posted here in almost a year, but it’s not because I haven’t been writing. It’s the opposite actually. I’ve been writing and editing SO much that I haven’t had time to update my portfolio, so let’s bring you up to speed.

The majority of articles I’ve written are published on San Francisco Moms Blog and Mid-Peninsula Moms Blog because, as the Managing Editor for those publications, I want to share my work on the sites I help run.

I did manage to write a couple extra articles for Her View From Home and, which has now been taken over by Motherly: “What My Lonely Neighbor Taught Me About Generosity and Cake” and “Consider Swapping These Two Words to Get What You Want.”

Speaking of Motherly, all of my articles have migrated to Motherly or to Links below may be broken.

Things don’t seem to be slowing down, so please be sure to follow my work on SF Moms Blog and MP Moms Blog, and if I magically find more time in the day to write for other publications I’ll (eventually) add those links here. ‘Til then!

Keeping an Eye Out for Other Peoples Kids: Is Nanny-Shaming Ever Okay?

nanny shaming okay

“Have you seen this, too? A well-intentioned person posts a picture of a nanny to a Facebook moms’ group or to in an attempt to find the parents employing that caregiver. They’ve witnessed the nanny speaking to a child in a derogatory way, handling them roughly, or not paying much attention to them at all, and out of concern for the child’s well being, they take to the internet.

These posts are met with mixed reviews. Some people appreciate the diligence of the good samaritans, affirming, “I’d want to know if my nanny was treating my child this way.” Other people think it’s an invasion of privacy, since the nanny’s face, often the child’s, too, is shared to thousands of people without consent.” Here’s my two cents on how it should be handled. 

How to Support Stay-at-Home Parents: Know Your Kvetching Order


This one swirled in my head for a while before I could figure out how to explain it in a practical way. Hopefully, this simple communication technique will help you or someone you know, too. Check out my article on Parent.Co here.

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Trend Alert :: Jellies Are Back, and Mox Made them Better Than Ever

Mox shoes close upI was lucky enough to get a pair of Mox shoes in exchange for writing about them for San Francisco Moms Blog. They’re glorious, and you can read all about them here. There’s a link to a discount code in the article, too, that’s valid until May 7, 2017.

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New Moms, Save Yourself Time – Stop Sterilizing Those Bottles

sterilize bottlesI’m a firm believer that everyone should eliminate unnecessary chores to make more room to do the stuff that really needs to be done and to have more time for rest and play. Sterilizing baby bottles is a waste of time, and I’m spreading the word here.

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Hey, Sticker Charts, Make Room for Kindness Chains


“My favorite part of the kindness chain is that my children’s individual actions contribute to one chain. They’re not in competition to see whose chain is longer. They’re seeing that their collective effort is important, what they do affects others, and they’re learning that good things happen (their chain grows) when they treat people well. Not every kid will be the smartest, the most athletic, popular or artistic, but they all can be kind.” Read more here.