Tips for Dining with Kids in Restaurants

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Small children and restaurants don’t always mix, but sometimes these tips and product recommendations help. 

50 Delicious & Kid Friendly San Francisco Restaurants

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Whether you live in San Francisco or come to visit, here’s your resource for where to dine with the little ones. I’ve divided the restaurants into two categories: “Really Kid Friendly” and “Kid Friendly, If You’re Smart About it.” How’d I do? Did you favorites make the list? Share your recommendations! 

Parenting Tips for Kids of All Ages

Parenting advice is tricky. Sometimes you get a pearl of wisdom at just the moment you need it. Sometimes you get a lot of unwanted, inapplicable advice. Read here, if you’re in the market for some pearls that have been field tested by real parents. We cover getting pregnant all the way through parenting adult children.

It’s OK to Judge, Just Don’t Be a Jerk

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The first step is admitting you do it. The second step is doing it the right way. Read how to avoid being a jerk. 

Permission to Get Healthy

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Sometimes you just need to hear from someone else that it’s ok to let some chores slide in favor of taking time for yourself. Here’s your permission to do just that.

7 Tips to Get into Preschool

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Here in San Francisco, there is an art to getting into preschool. I didn’t believe it, until I went through it, and I’m sharing my tips with you. Does this seem crazy to you (as it should), or can you relate?