Getting By With Not-So-Good Eaters

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“I’d watch my friends’ kids happily opening their mouths like baby birds for their next spoonful of goodness, and I’d shake my head in dismay because my kids just never did that… So, here’s how we get by with a couple not so good eaters.”

What to Expect When You’re Remodeling


“It was only after we finished that we realized just how ignorant we were about the entire remodeling process because HGTV is NOT an accurate representation of how it goes down. Here’s what we learned along the way.”

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Is a Returnship the Right Way for You to Get Back to Work?

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It can be challenging to get back into the paid workforce after taking an extended break. This article explores the rise of returnships to help transition stay-at-home-moms back into their careers, and I question whether these paid internships are actually more hurtful than helpful.

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Raising a Family in SF: Should We Stay Or Should We Go?

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Raising a family in San Francisco is not without its challenges. What makes you stay where you live?
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How to Plan and Negotiate Your Maternity Leave Like a Boss

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It’s not easy to approach your company (or a company you hope to work for) with the needs of pregnancy. These tips can help.

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4 Steps to Defining Your Personal Brand of Parenting

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In parenting, as in life, your best bet is to be yourself (and to actually figure out what that means).

6 Ways to Throw a Baby Shower That’s Actually Fun

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Why should bachelorettes have all the fun? Having a baby is a bigger life change than getting married could ever be, so my friends and I treat it as such. All of these are actual ways we’ve celebrated the mom-to-be, even #6.  

Tips for Dining with Kids in Restaurants

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Small children and restaurants don’t always mix, but sometimes these tips and product recommendations help. 

50 Delicious & Kid Friendly San Francisco Restaurants

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Whether you live in San Francisco or come to visit, here’s your resource for where to dine with the little ones. I’ve divided the restaurants into two categories: “Really Kid Friendly” and “Kid Friendly, If You’re Smart About it.” How’d I do? Did you favorites make the list? Share your recommendations!