The Lullaby That Could Ruin Your Kids

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Full disclosure: This was not my original title. The editors definitely went for dramatic effect with this one.  I don’t think singing this lullaby will ruin your kids, but I do think its  message is the opposite of what we should be telling them. Are there lullabies and nursery rhymes that make you cringe?

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You Were Right, Child on Airplane IS Trying to Ruin Your Day

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“This reporter went undercover to crack open a conspiracy that people with no capacity for empathy and large sticks up their asses have suspected for years: that there is never a reason for a small child to fly on an airplane. They are planted there by sadistic parents to make your flight as miserable as possible.”

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Why I Don’t Make My Kids Do Chores

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I’m using the same philosophy my grandmother used to raise her kids and my mom used to raise my brothers and me. I’m not going to make my kids responsible for a ton of chores around the house. My family is full of hard working, responsible and respectful adults and my kids will be, too, even without the chores. Here’s why. How do chores work in your family?

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Quiz :: How Loud Is Your Kid?

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I gave birth to a loud talker, so I know a thing or two about noisy kids. How loud is your kid? Take the test to find out.

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National Whining and Tantrum Throwing Competition Kicks Off Today

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Not to brag, but if this were a real thing, my kids would sweep the competition. Which event would your kid medal in? 

The Load of Laundry That Broke Me

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It was one of those days, and I hit my breaking point. I’m sharing with you, so that you know it’s ok when you reach yours, too.

4 Steps to Defining Your Personal Brand of Parenting

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In parenting, as in life, your best bet is to be yourself (and to actually figure out what that means).

That Time I Wanted to Kill the Goldfish

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Tell me you’ve had moments like this, too. Of course I knew having children would be a gigantic commitment, but I underestimated the micro commitments that come with them.

Toddler Calls Mom’s Bluff to Leave Without Him

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This scenario is dangerously close to happening in real life for me, so I wrote a fake news story about it.